How We Help

The MISSION: to promote, develop and empower women’s participation as business owners in the private sector.

The VISION: to inspire women to realise their full potential, importance and status and be increasingly recognized in Solomon Islands societies.

SIWIBA offers support for its members through networking with private sectors and government departments, networking with other women organisations abroad especially in the Pacific region, promotion during its bi-monthly activity – Mere’s Market and using its online presence to share stories of its members, helping women with initial start-up from informal to formal. 

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Our Origins

Turning the Impossible to Possible

The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) was formed 4th December 2004.

Invitations were sent out to a lot of women involved in some sort of small or medium income generating set up, and those thinking of setting something similar. A meeting was arranged for 2nd week of July 2004.

The first executive of SIWIBA was formed and was put to task immediately to work on the association’s constitution. It was quite a challenge and took some time to come up with the first draft of the constitution because we knew what we want, but translating our ideas into a legal form is another. The Board put together the first draft and we went in search of any lawyer who was willing to help us check the legality of the draft constitution. We had the ok and the SIWIBA constitution was registered on the 31st of December 2004 under the Charitable Act.

The Group of Women who initially formed SIWIBA

  1. Pamela Zoleveke
  2. Agnes Mosese Podarua
  3. Ruby Lee
  4. Grace Kori Piniau
  5. Katie Ahukela
  6. Late Christina Leve
  7. Late Freda Kasoa

Moving Forward

First funding for SIWIBA was from PLP towards the end of 2011. The funding was for SIWIBA’s first proper office set-up at Tongs building whilst searching for a cheaper office, later relocating at the NPF Plaza, Room 48 in 2013.

DFAT took over funding from PLP from December 2013 to June 2014, and later extended for the next three years.

Today SIWIBA stands tall with a well-equipped Secretariat, four staff and in the process of recruiting a Training Officer. Number of members now is near 300 and growing.

SIWIBA Board since 2012 to present

President: Dalcy Tekulu

Vice President: Julie Haro

Secretary: Pamela Zoleveke

Treasurer: Ning Gabrino (sick and away abroad for medical treatment. Sol Bilaro - a qualified accountant is Treasurer Ag)


  • Tele Bartlett and Ethel Saelea
  • Representing informal sector: Kate Ahukela and Joyline Liolea Ta'aru

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SIWIBA Board of Directors


Pamela Zoleveke


Julie Gegeu Haro


Ethel Saelea


Soldad Bilaro


Dalcy Tekulu


Karina Peineitala


Michelle Leafasia


Rose Kori


Tele Bartlet

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Our Team

Nina Rachel Tuhaika, Coordinator

Nina Tuhaika joined the Solomon Islands Women in Business (SIWIBA) in August, 2014, as the Coordinator (formerly known as the Chief Executive Officer - CEO).

Prior to joining SIWIBA, Ms. Tuhaika was employed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) International Development project, Solomon Islands Media Assistance Scheme (SOLMAS) based in Honiara since 2010 as Program Officer. She was later placed in charge of the Flexible Support Fund (FSP) that was a small funding component and helped secure more than 10 projects for the media groups in the Solomons over the years 2010 - 2012 including upgraded equipment for media newsrooms around Honiara. Ms. Tuhaika was later promoted as Office Manager prior to the end of the program in December 2013.

Jennifer Pascal, Finance Office

Jennifer Pascal graduated with a Certificate in Secretarial Studies from Solomon Islands College of Higher Education now SINU.

She was employed with the Development Bank of Solomon Islands in November 1998 to 2009 as a Bank Secretary in the Lending Department.

In 2010, Mrs. Pascal did her Diploma in Business Finance and graduated in 2011, after which she went back into field of work and was employed as an Administrator for Guadalcanal Women Resource Centre funded by National Council Women for six months.

In May 2013, Mrs. Pascal joined the SIWIBA secretariat as a Finance/Administration Officer on three months contract. Jennifer later moved to the Church of Melanesia and left SIWIBA as the Finance Officer for Diocese of Guadalcanal.

Though leaving SIWIBA, Mrs. Pascal still had the passion to work for a women organisation and she re-joined SIWIBA in July 2014 as the Finance Officer. She is responsible for serving the organisation in its accounts and financial matters and other duties may assigned.

Working in a women organisation is challenging but Jennifer finds it very interesting to get to know each other.

Jillian Rathamana, Communications & Administration

Jillian Rathamana graduated with a bachelor degree with majors in Industrial Relation and Management & Public Administration in August 2012 from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

Her first occupation was with Isles Media Enterprise 2012 as the Human Resource Officer. Jillian left Isles Media in early 2014.

Jillian joined SIWIBA in March 2014 as the Program Officer until her contract end in March 2015. She took up another contract with SIWIBA as Administration and Communications Officer. 

"It’s good to be part and parcel of SIWIBA, and assisting women who wish to develop economically which is challenging yet fun."

"To me, SIWIBA sets a good example for building women in Solomon Islands."

Jessica Warahiru, Training Officer

Jessica Warahiru graduated with Diploma Certificate in Business Banking from Solomon Islands National University (SINU) on the 6th of December, 2013. She is looking forward to Graduate with a Diploma in Business Finance at the same University.

In February 2015, Ms. Warahiru worked for Business Connecting as a Logistic Officer for three months, after which she was posted for the Position as a Finance/Administrator Officer at Honiara SSEC Central Church.

In June 2015, Ms. Warahiru resigned form Honiara SSEC Central Church and joined Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) as a Data/Administrator Officer/Web Administrator. She was responsible to assist the Secretariat to maintain reliable database for the organization and provide support to enable a friendly, professional and efficient office environment. Ms. Warahiru was later re-appointed as SIWIBA Training Officer and is in charge of the training program and to ensure members are trained in their needs areas as specified in application forms. 


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About the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association

The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) was registered under the Charitable Act in December 2004, which makes it a non-profit making organisation. It was established to promote and build business opportunities for Solomon Islands women to participate at all levels.

It was established to promote and build business opportunities for Solomon Islands women to participate at all levels.

The Association is governed by a Board which oversees the running of its Secretariat.

In 2012, SIWIBA established its Secretariat in Honiara and for the first time, SIWIBA members had an office where our women could come together to plan their programs and events. The SIWIBA Board and Secretariat work together as a team.

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